While searching out Porto, tourists have to deal with issues like the understanding of the public transport networks and identifying the top sights worth visiting. On top of that, a more or less limited vacation budget might also work as a notable pressure, which is why finding solutions to spend a vacation in Porto without considerable financial costs is imperative.

The Porto Card was conceived by the local authorities of Porto to this end precisely, that is, in order to meet the specific needs of visitors who want to be efficient about their stay in Porto. Thus, depending on the type of the card, visitors can enjoy sundry advantages. First of all, the 1-day pedestrian card allows tourists to visit plenty of attractions in Porto with major admission discounts or even free admission, but they can not use the public transport (neither the surface network nor the underground system). Discounts are also offered to sundry restaurants and by the guided tours in Porto for holders of this type of card.

The standard 1-day, 2-day and 3-day cards give visitors, on top of the advantages specific to the pedestrian card, the opportunity to use the public transport system (bus and tram networks, metros and the funicular system) for free. Acquiring a Porto Card should not become an issue, since the tourist information offices, most of the hotels and travel agencies sell this useful document.

For complete information on how to use the Porto Card, from where it can be acquired and the specific advantages provided by each of the types of cards, visit the official website of Porto.

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