Located some 60 kilometers northeast of Porto, Guimaraes stands out as one of the top attractions nearby Porto, at least from the point of view of tourists who want to... Guimaraes

Viana do Castelo

Located at the mouth of the Lima River, some 50 kilometers north of Porto, Viana do Castelo is an inspired daytrip destination for holidaymakers of Porto (13 trains a day... Viana do Castelo

Vila Real

Vila Real is located about 60 kilometers east of Porto. There are no direct trains linking Porto to Vila Real, but bus or car trips can easily be made, since... Vila Real

Vila do Conde

Vila do Conde is located a little over 30 kilometers north of Porto, nestling between the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and the Ave River. The best way to get... Vila do Conde


Situated about 25 kilometers south of Porto, Aveiro has a lagoon-like layout, a feature which has often led visitors to compare the city with a small scale Venice. Holidaymakers of... Aveiro

Vila Nova de Gaia

Vila Nova de Gaia is located on the south bank of the Duoro River, facing Porto from the other side of the river. The proximity between the two cities often... Vila Nova de Gaia

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