Vila do Conde is located a little over 30 kilometers north of Porto, nestling between the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and the Ave River. The best way to get from Porto to Vila do Conde is by road, since there are no railway connections between the two cities. Given its geographical location, Vila do Conde boasts of the best beaches in north Portugal, and, despite the fact the sandy stretches are not the only attractions, they do work as a major tourist trump. Thus, 18 kilometers of beaches lace the shore, tempting visitors to experience the sandy north Portugal.

There is a handful of ancient places of worship in Vila do Conde, of which the early 14th century Convent and Church of Santa Clara, the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Socorro (which showcases splendid tile works), the Church of Sao Joso Baptista (which is a mix of late Gothic, Manueline and Baroque influences) and the Chapel of the Nossa Senhora da Guia (which is one of the oldest religious edifices in Vila do Conde) are worth mentioning.

The Mill of Azurara, the impressive Aqueduct of Vila do Conde (the second largest in Portugal), the Fort of Nossa Senhora da Assuncao (also referred to as the Fort of Sao Joao Baptista) and the Museu da Construcao Naval (Museum of Shipbuilding) are also worthy of attention.

Vila do Conde
Vila do Conde, Portugal
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