Situated about 25 kilometers south of Porto, Aveiro has a lagoon-like layout, a feature which has often led visitors to compare the city with a small scale Venice. Holidaymakers of Porto can get in virtually no time to Aveiro by force of the fact 50 trains leave from Porto to Aveiro each day, trips lasting from about half an hour to a little over an hour.

Located at the mouth of the Vouga River, the city of Aveiro was founded somewhere during the 10th century, and at present it stands out as a bundle of canals and bridges dotted with museums and splendid Art-Nouveau gems. However, sightseeing aside, Aveiro is a destination suited for rather active pursuits, the city featuring plenty of water sports opportunities, not to mention its enchanting beaches which stretch along the Atlantic Ocean shore. Thus, the Sao Jacinto Beach is not only one of the best in Aveiro, but also a top stretch of sand at national scale.

Aveiro, Portugal
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