Taylor, Fladgate, & Yeatman or, simply put, Taylor’s Port is one of the oldest wine houses in Portugal. It was founded in 1692, decades earlier than the establishment of the Duoro wine region, and it still remains one of the few family-run wineries in the country. Despite its prestige, Taylor’s Port keeps a down-to-earth atmosphere, such as to provide visitors with a feel of familiarity and comfort.

This winery is located in the neighboring Vila Nova de Gaia, and its excellence in the wine production tradition is substantiated by the fact it showcases the most expensive Port wines in the world, which is no surprise, given both the high quality standards observed in the production process and the reputation and tradition of the winery. Taylor’s Port remains simultaneously a tourist attraction proper and a top destination for wine lovers who only want to sample the best of the Port wine (though this wine house also showcases sundry other labels).

Taylor’s Port
Rua do Choupelo, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
00351 223 742800
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