The origins of Ferreira are sunken into a somewhat half legendary half anecdotal past. The fact remains this winery was founded in the mid 18th century, and despite its modest beginnings, it managed to grow and to become one of the most prestigious wine lodges in Portugal, its owner, Dona Antonia Adelaide Ferreira, becoming in time the richest woman in Portugal (her vineyards extending all the way to the Spanish border).

The passion, so to speak, of the lady for the Port delight led her, as the story goes, to almost drown in wine. The history of Ferreira, which still remains a family-run business even today, overlaps the history of the Port wine production, from the moment the Duoro River wine region was established in the 18th century (1756). At present, Ferreira invites visitors to sample some of the best Port wines, keeping at the same time a sophisticated atmosphere which combines the sampling sessions with informative episodes on the history of the winery and of the Port wine production alike.

70, Avenida Diogo Leite, Porto, Portugal
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