While the Church of Sao Francisco is the unchallenged queen of all places of worship in Porto in terms of interior decorations, the Church of Santa Clara might be deemed the second best example in this respect. Thus, the interior combines Baroque style ornaments with elements typical of the Rococo style, a marvelously balanced decorative landscape consisting of superb gilded woodwork.

The construction works at the Church of Santa Clara were completed in 1457, and the edifice was built for the intended use of the Franciscan nuns (the order of Poor Clare). The order owned the church until the 19th century, when the last nun of the order died. The Baroque style door was added in the late 17th century (1697), and as compared with the exterior, the interior, as said, is quite fetching.

Most of the decorative patrimony was added in the 17th century, radically transforming the look of the church. Thus, angels, cherubs and saints immortalized in gilded woodwork populate the church, generating a dreamlike scenery of overwhelming ornamental abundance.

Church of Santa Clara (Igreja de Santa Clara)
Largo de 1 de Dezembro, Porto, Portugal
00351 222 054837
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