The Sao Roque Park opened to the pubic in 1979, standing out as one of the most important and most popular green spaces on the east side of Porto. The garden was laid out on the site of the former Quinta da Lameira (Lameira Manor), once owned by the Calem family.

There’s plenty to see in the Sao Roque Park. First of all, the garden was laid out on several terraces, and this aspect, together with the fact the park is pegged out by a lake, a wrought iron fountain and a cave, turns the venue into an elegant nature refuge which keeps an atmosphere strikingly resembling to the dash of a typical romantic garden. The eucalyptus forest, located on an upper terrace of the garden is also worth mentioning, just like the maze of hedges which, contemplated from above, yields an intriguing and spectacular view.

The Sao Roque Park does not necessarily excel by its plant life patrimony. However, some of the species worth mentioning are the oak, the eucalyptus and the camellias.

Sao Roque Park (Parque de Sao Roque)
Rua de Sao Roque da Lameira, Porto, Portugal
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