Quinta do Covelo stretches on a surface of 8 hectares in north Porto, and it is one of the liveliest parks in the city. The entrance to this park is made from Rua de Faria Guimaraes (one of the thoroughfares which delimit the park), whereas the other three sides of the venue are bordered by Rua do Bolama, Traversa do Monte de Sao Joao and Rua do Monte de Sao Joao.

Quinta do Covelo is pegged out by a wide lawn lined with trees where visitors can sit and relax. They can also opt for the benches which line the shaded alleys which meander through the lower part of the garden. A greenhouse can also be spotted in the park, and families should be pleased to learn there’s also a kids’ playground, recently laid out to the delight of both the little ones and of the parents who want to keep their children busy with an active and fun pastime.

Quinta do Covelo (Covelo Manor)
Rua de Faria Guimaraes, Porto, Portugal
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