The Porto Botanical Garden might not be the most spectacular green space in Porto, yet it might just as well be visited by holidaymakers of Porto. The garden was created in 1951 under the patronage of the Portuguese state, on the former manor of Joao Henrique Andresen (acquired by the said Joao Henrique Andresen in 1895, and turned by its owner into a romantic garden). In time, the Porto Botanical Garden was greatly diminished, both in terms of size (now, its surface amounts to some 4 hectares) and plant life patrimony (though the diversity of the flora is quite notable).

However, at present the garden shelters sundry rare and exotic plant species, featuring highlights like the cacti garden, a greenhouse and a historical garden (the latter comprising a rose garden). There’s also a lake situated within the perimeter of the Botanical Garden, the habitat of a fairly numerous population of water lilies. The Porto Botanical Garden is managed by the Faculty of Sciences which pertains to the University of Porto.

Porto Botanical Garden (Jardim Botanico do Porto)
1191, Rua do Campo Alegre, Porto, Portugal
00351 933 086492
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