Located a short walk from the Military Museum of Porto, the Nova Sintra Park is one of the largest green spaces in Porto, stretching on a surface of 68,500 square meters. From here, visitors can admire the Duoro River in its entire splendor, all the way to the opposite bank. The garden was built in 1932, on the former property of a private manor, and until now it has enriched its patrimony considerably.

The peaceful Nova Sintra Park, which is also referred to as Jardins de Nova Sintra (the Nova Sintra Gardens), can also be deemed an open-air museum, since the venue showcases a wealth of elegant fountains gathered in time from their original places in Porto and brought here for safekeeping, so to speak. Thus, highlights in this respect refer to the Campo Alegre Fountain, to the Rua Garrett Fountain, to the First Fountain of Arrabida, to the Fontinha Fountain and to the Fountain of the Convent of Ave Maria.

But the fountains aside, the park also shelters some 40 species of trees brought here from sundry regions of the world. Thus, while admiring the graceful fountains of the park, visitors can also enjoy the shade and the coolness of the specimens of magnolias, eucalyptuses, oaks and palm trees which provide a peaceful refuge for people who want to get away for a few hours from the buzz of the city.

Nova Sintra Park (Parque de Nova Sintra / Jardins de Nova Sintra)
285, Rua do Barao de Nova Sintra, Porto, Portugal
00351 225 320080
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