Filling a surface of 10 hectares, the East City Park of Porto is one of the largest urban parks in Porto and Portugal alike. Future projects are intended to enlarge the venue even more, and that speaks of the importance of this park for the city of Porto. The East City Park is, as some might consider, a counterpart of the West City Park, being just as splendidly landscaped and sheltering a wealth of plant and animal species.

Thus, the East City Park is rightfully deemed one of the vital green lungs of Porto. Located at one end of the Tinto River, the park combines a riparian atmosphere with a pleasant countryside-like air. Briefly, together with the West City Park, the East City Park represents the most important green space of Porto, standing out as one of the first-hand tourist sights in terms of green gems of north Portugal.

East City Park (Parque Oriental da Cidade do Porto)
Campanha, Porto, Portugal
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