The Cordoaria Garden is located in the vicinity of some of the top attractions of Porto, such as the Clerigos Tower (and the adjoining church), the Portuguese Center of Photography and the historical Santo Antonio Hospital. The official name of the venue is the Joao Chagas Garden, but locals commonly refer to it as the Cordoaria Garden.

From 1865 (when it was set up) until now, the venue has undergone significant changes. Thus, the garden was designed and laid out by order of Viscount de Vilar d’Allen, who commissioned Emilio David (the same German landscape gardener who designed the Crystal Palace Gardens) to do the job. The garden kept an elegant and romantic air until 1941, when a cyclone ravaged it, severely damaging its plant life patrimony. Subsequently to this unfortunate event, and in particular in 2001 (when Porto was designated European capital of culture), the garden was redesigned (a project coordinated by Camillo Courtier).

At present, some of the unchallenged highlights refer to several statues, such as a statuary by Juan Munoz, a bust of Antonio Nobre and a statue of Ramalho Ortigao.

Cordoaria Garden (Jardim da Cordoaria / Jardim de Joao Chagas)
Campo Martires da Patria, Porto, Portugal
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