The Alfandega Transport and Communications Museum of Porto is located within the massive Alfandega Nova building (Alfandega Nova meaning the New Customs House) which dates back to 1860, being geographically situated on the bank of the Duoro River. Despite its past functionality, the building strikes by its neoclassic robustness which would rather call fort the image of a medieval fortress.

At present, the building is, amongst others, home to the Transport and Communications Museum which focuses on providing an insight into the history and development of the means of transport and communications in the world. Thus, the permanent collection of the museum, the so-called O Automovel no Espaco e no Tempo (The Automobile in Space and Time) is one of the chief highlights of the venue, whereas the unchallenged star exhibit refers to the first car which was ever driven in Portugal, a 1895 vehicle brought from Paris.

A visit to the Alfandega Transport and Communications Museum is highly recommened, mostly because the rest of the building is now filled with exhibition spaces and it is often home to cultural, artistic and entertainment-related events.

Alfandega Transport and Communications Museum (Museu dos Transportes e Comunicacoes Alfandega)
Rua Nova da Alfandega, Porto, Portugal
00351 223 403000
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