Casa do Infante might not be the most spectacular landmark of Porto, yet the historical references to this edifice turn the venue into one of the top tourist sights of the city. A stone placed in 1894 at the entrance calls forth the birth of Prince Henry the Navigator who, as the story goes, was indeed born here in 1394. The memorial plaque was set in order to celebrate 5 centuries from the birth of the prince.

However, for most of its history, the building was used as Customs House, a time when it was one of the most important commercial buildings in Porto. At present, the building is home to the municipal archives (with highlights like the christening certificate of the prince), as well as to a small history museum. The museum showcases a miscellaneous collection of exhibits (manuscripts, documents, archeological findings). All in all, the House of the Prince is worth visiting, in particular by tourists who harbor a keen interest and, why not, a certain nostalgia related to those times when Portugal used to be the spearhead of the great geographical discoveries and a leading force in the sea trade, at least at continental scale, since Prince Henry the Navigator remains one of the paradigmatic figures of that age.

Casa do Infante (House of the Prince)
1, Rua da Alfandega, Porto, Portugal
00351 226 081000
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