The Vilar de Mouros Festival is deemed the oldest rock music festival in Portugal. It is held in Vilar de Mouros, a locality situated in the proximity of the Spanish border, in north Portugal, some 150 kilometers north from Porto. Despite the huge potential of this festival, its editions have been organized quite infrequently (for instance, the first edition was held in 1971, whereas the second no sooner than 1982).

In time, the festival has welcomed reputed international artists and bands such as Elton John, U2, The Pretenders, UB40, Rammstein and Bob Dylan. The music performances are complemented, as far as the public is concerned, with camping opportunities (which is, in fact, a commonplace feature of this kind of events).

Regardless of the uncertainty of the following edition, the Vilar de Mouros Festival remains a landmark of the nationwide music events calendar. It is held on various dates, but, as a rule, in late July or early August.

Vilar de Mouros Festival (Festival de Vilar de Mouros)
Vilar de Mouros, Caminha, Portugal
late July or early August

Vilar de Mouros, Caminha, Portugal

Vilar de Mouros, Caminha, Portugal

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