Serralves em Festa is deemed one of the largest festivals in Europe covering a wide spectrum of the contemporary arts, though art is not the only field taken into account by the Serralves Foundation (the organizer of this festival) in setting up the popular Serralves em Festa. There are also plenty of entertainment opportunities, including family-oriented activities, but one of the main incentives for attending the festival is the fact the entrance is free.

Thus, organized each year in the last weekend of May, Serralves em Festa consists of hundreds of music concerts, dance and theater representations, circus shows, film screenings, exhibitions, and fairs. It is, obviously, an occasion to sample as much as possible from the local beat of Porto, an opportunity not to be missed out by any visitor of Porto, given the range of activities is able to satisfy the entertainment tastes of a public as wide as possibly conceivable. Some of the events occasioned by Serralves em Festa are held at the Serralves Foundation and at the Serralves Museum, but other venues in Porto are also envisaged in this respect.

For complete information on the next edition of the festival, follow the indications below:

Serralves em Festa
Porto, Portugal
the last weekend of May
Serralves Foundation (Fundacao Serralves)

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

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