The International Theater Festival of Iberian Expressions (or FITEI) is not necessarily the most popular festival in Porto, yet it did gain a solid public, in particular consisting of people keen on the artistic expressions related to the theater representations and to the performing arts in general. The festival aims to honor both the classic works in the field and to try to sensitize the public to experimental projects, meaning the variety of performances is understandably large.

The festival is usually held in late May until early or mid June, and the activities are hosted by sundry venues in Porto, such as the Portuguese Center of Photography, the Serralves Museum, the National Theater of Sao Joao and the Crystal Palace Gardens.

For complete and updated information on the next edition of Festival Internacional de Teatro de Expressao Iberica, follow the indications below:

International Theater Festival of Iberian Expressions
Porto, Portugal
late May to early June

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

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