The first edition of Fantasporto was held no sooner than 1981. Yet, this film festival has gained a skyrocketing popularity with film aficionados (meaning, with both the public and the professionals in the film industry) mostly given to the fact it covers a fairly large range of genres: science-fiction (this is the main section of the festival), experimental productions and, of course, commercial productions. Adding the fact a special section focuses on music videos, there’s no wonder the festival has attained its present reputation and popularity.

Screenings and other film-related events take place throughout Porto, cinemas included, venues which welcome the public who flocks to Porto in thousands in order to attend in person to the festival.

For complete information on the next edition of Fantasporto, programs and venues to be home to the events, follow the indications below:

Porto, Portugal
around mid February to early March

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

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